Back in Black

Demon Dean   /   by 野生ID

Demon Dean   /   by 野生ID


Big brother Jensen (x)

He probably regretted moving the chair as soon as he saw Jared attempting to get it back. 

This was my favorite moment of the con to be honest. There are moments when Jensen and Jared just fall away and how they feel about each other as friends and brothers really comes through. Sometime’s its an admiring look or a hug, and here it’s concern for a hurt shoulder.

As an aside, Jensen’s love for Thomas, is a total reflection on how much he loves Jared, and his pride at being so important to that kid shined so bright it nearly blinding. 

Jensen and Jared’s friendship is so genuine, and I don’t understand how anyone can doubt what they mean to each other. 

29th August at 10:23 pm
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honeysweetsam replied to your post: “˜„ - I wish… (also, hellooooo my Captain, ILY!) ~xoxo~”:

omg what do you mean you’ve never seen the ocean???? this is a crime! it must be remedied!!!

I know! I’ve been close before… I’m really right in the middle of the Midwest, Lake Superior is beautiful! But it’s not the same!

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Story from your childhood.

Something not so sad this time?

My mom brought me to visit my grandparents when I was about two years old. Apparently I walked in and must have heard my grandfather drawing himself a bath because I beelined it straight to the other side of the house, past both grandparents and went head first into the tub. In a brand new dress.

But apparently there were bubbles so can you blame me?

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"☄ - I wish… (also, hellooooo my Captain, ILY!) ~xoxo~"


A wish…

I wish that there was a magic door from my house to yours. We could sit on the beach or sip hot chocolate while the snow falls.

(Just realized I’ve never seen the ocean. Le sigh)


29th August at 8:48 pm

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"The story about your childhood is sad."

Aw, I thought it was more sweet than sad.

ruskieblaine whispered:

"haha Sarah's short what noobster. ✏️"

(Dude, some amazing things come in small packages…)

Random fact about yourself-

My hair is naturally curly and it results in strangers petting me all of the time. It’s a little creepy.

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"♬, ☹, ✍ :)))"

♬ - Top 5 favorite songs?

This changes frequently….

1. Lay Low- shovels and rope

2. Sunshine of Your Love- Cream

3. If I Ever Leave This World Alive- Flogging Molly

4. She’s Always a Woman- Billy Joel

5. Birds of a Feather- The Civil Wars

☹ - Biggest pet peeve?

When people tell me I look tired.

If I am tired, I’ll already know how I look. And if I’m not tired I’ll just feel bad about my appearance.

✍ - Story from your childhood.

How about…. When I was a kid my dad moved around a lot. Florida, Colorado, Alaska, Seattle, California… And more but I don’t really remember. So, on my way to school I would spin in a circle and blow him kisses because I was never sure which direction to send it.

29th August at 8:04 pm

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Top 5 favorite movies?

This is very haaaaard

I love a lot of movies and this will change daily:

It Happened One Night

Legends of the Fall

The Thin Man (the whole series, please and thank you)

Rear Window

Guardians of the Galaxy

(I realize that 3 or 4 of these are probably older than you… I’m almost sorry.)

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"☝ uvu"

How tall are you-

I am a whopping 5’3” on a good day. I can usually maneuver around the playgrounds with the kids without ducking under the equipment. ;)

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Title: To Whom It May Concern
Artist: The Civil Wars
Played: 5089 times

Why are you so far from me?
In my arms is where you ought to be
How long will you make me wait?
I don’t know how much more I can take
I’ve missed you, but I haven’t met you
Oh, but I want to
How I do…